Lunch Dinner
Sopa de Tortilla
Tortilla Soup made with vegetable broth and roasted vegetables blended with corn tortilla strips seassoned w/ chef villegas special herbs,
garnished  w/ sour cream
* cup $2.00 · bowl $2.50
Sopa del dia Today's soup

cup $2.00 · bowl $2.50
Freshly made chunky guacamole
Queso Fundido
Melted cheese with chorizo served with warm tortillas

taquitos dorados de tinga de pollo

cryspi taquitos with pulled chicken in chipotle sauce

coctel de mariscos
florida bay scallops, shrimp & snapper) cured in lime juice in a tangy cocktail sauce
$13 $15
Flour tortillas folded over cheese, served with a small side of guacamole and sour cream:
chorizo, vegetables or chicken -                                 $10

bocadillo mixto

mixed appetizer: ceviche, queso fundido, taquito  and guacamole (for two people or more)   6.50 per person

  Lunch Dinner

Ensalada Wholly Frijoles
Iceberg and baby lettuce crispy tortilla strips, red onion, diced tomato, cilantro, corn and red radishes tossed in a creamy cilantro dressing

plain $6.99
With chicken $11/ $13

Ensalada de Bistec
Grilled Skirt steak on a bed of medley vegetables & spring mix lettuce
$11 $13
Ensalada de camarón o filete de huachinango
Shrimp or snapper on a bed of selected lettuce tossed in lime vinaigrette
$11    $13

$11 $13

ensalada de vegetal con pollo

 grilled vegetables with chicken breast on top drizelled with basil oil

$11   $13
Plato de vegetales a la parrilla
Grilled Vegetables Plate: chayote, jicama, red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and poblano pepper served with chipotles mash potatoes and rice(hot)

ensalada del chef/grilled salmon fillet,vegetables,mango,tossed w/balsamic,basil,blueberrie vinaigrette

$11 $13
* Nuestras Carnes son cocinados al gusto del cliente. Consumir carne cruda o no lo suficientemente cocinado puede elevar al riesgo de contraer enfermedades por alimentos contaminados
 chefs Villegas specalties Lunch Dinner

 pierna de Borrego en chipotle

slow braised bonelees leg of lamb in negra modelo beer chipotle sauce

$17 $18

Especial del chef
Chef's special: chicken breast stuffed w/ poblano pepper,goat  cheese and mushrooms
$13 $14

Carne asada a la parrilla
Grilled skirt steak: served with rice, chipotle mash potatoes and beans
$17 $18
Bistec Cancún
Cancún grilled skirt  steak topped with melted cheese and grilled pineapple
$17 $18
Bistec Borracho/ grilled skirt steak marinated in corona beer lime juice  & chef's seasonings $17 $18
  Lunch Dinner

 *Filete de huachinango a la Veracruz

West coast snapper fillet served with Veracruz salsa               

$16   $16
Camarones a la plancha
 shrimpcookedin flat griddle  marinated in garlic & lime juice with guajillo pepper
$16 $17
Camarones Caribe
Large Shrimp coated with coconut flakes served w/ grilled mango; along w/ a coconut , buttermilk tartar sauce
$16 $17
 camarones bien macho
sauteed shrimp in tequila  with chile de arbol with potatoes and rice
$16 $17
 salmon a las brasas/ chard grilled salmon fillet  with blueberry balsamic glaze served with cauliflower rice  $16 $17

  Lunch Dinner

Camarón & Bistec
Sauteed Shrimp ang Grilled Skirt Steak
$16 $17
Bistec & Enchilada verde
Grilled Skirt Steak and green enchilada
$16 $17

Chile Relleno & Enchilada de pollo

chile relleno & chicken enchilada

$16 $17
*ALL ENTREES COMES WITH SOUP OR SALAD · *Add $1.00 for Chorizo on Chile Relleno
Lunch Dinner

 Veronica's chile relleno/ poblano pepper stuffed w/cheese

$11 $12
[w/chorizo add $1.50] 
 Tostadas de pollo/ chicken tostadas $11 $12
 Taquitos dorados/ crispy flautas stuffed w/chiclen topped w/tomatillo, avocado sauce, sour cream &cheese $11 $12
 Enchiladas/ choice of mole Oaxaqueño, tomato or green sauce. W/steak, chicken, vegetables or cheese [w/shrimp add $2.00] $11 $13

 Tacos/ order of tacos: fish, chicken, steak, grilled vegetables, al pastor or chile relleno. Add $1.00 for any substitution or addition to any taco order [taco a la carte $2.50 ea]

add shrimp $2

$9 $10

 Tortas/ Mexican sandwich Choice of: chicken, steak, chile relleno or vegetables

$9 $10

 Burritos/ Lincolwood/ steak, chicken, grilled vegetables, al pastor or chile relleno

$9 $10

 Frontera burrito/ fried & topped w/melted cheese, tomato sauce & sour cream

$10 $11
  Lunch Dinner

For two or more people only
De Mariscos/ Seafood, Shrimp (Shell on) tilapia, salmon, mussels, clams & crab legs (all Grilled)

De Carnes/ Red Poultry, sirloin steak, chicken breast, mexican chorizo, italian sausage & skirtsteak                            -- Price is per person                                                                

mixta /carnes y mariscos ;includes all above ($20 p/person)



All of our fajitas include poblano pepper, red pepper, onion, cilantro & sides of rice, guacamole, sour cream and beans
  Lunch Dinner
chicken or vegetables $16 $17

Camarón: Shrimp
(Large Shrimp)
$17 $18
Huachinango : skinless West coast snapper fillet $17 $18
skirt steak $17 $18
Combinación Wholly Frijoles
includes: all of the above and chorizo
$18 $19
All desserts are homemade by Chef Villegas with fresh ingredients
Crema horneada a la francesa
Crème Brule

HELADO DE LA CASA (vanilla,cinnamon)

Sandy's Brownies
Chocolate brownies style cake with almonds and topped with whipping cream and chocolate sauce
Flan de coco
Coconut Flan: Traditional recipe with coconut
Pay de queso con mango
mango cheesecake served with fresh mango and whipping cream
Capirotada de taximaroa
Villegas family home town bread pudding served warm with homemade Cinnamon Ice Cream
Helado Frito
Chicagos *best WGN9 Fried Ice Cream made with homemade Ice Cream
One Free refill in Lemonade, Horchata, Ice Tea, Tamarind & Jamaica Water, Coffee and Hot Tea
Horchata Rice water flavored with vanilla bean and cinnamon $3
Agua de Jamaica con Naranja
Hibisus flower with orange (cooler)
Jarritos Mexican Soda, Tamarind or Mandarin flavor
Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite $1.75
Chocolate con leche


 Cafe Iced or Hot


Té de Canella Caliente
Hot Cinnamon Tea
Té de Canela Frío
Cinnamon Ice tea
Esquimos de frutas naturales: mango, fresa, piña o guayaba
Slushies / Smothies made with fresh Mango, Strawberries, Mix berries, Pineapple or Guava
Agua de Piña con menta 
Pineapple with fresh mint (cooler)
Grape flavored bottled soda
Chips & Salsa sm $5 / lg 7
Frijoles / Beans $3
Arroz / Rice


House Vegetables $3.50
 Grilled Vegetables $4.50
 Grilled Jalapeños (each) $ 0.50
Crema / Sour cream $1.50
Guacamole $1.50
Queso / Cheese $2
Chipotle Mash Potatoes  $3.50
 French Fries $2.50
Kid's chicken Fingers $6.50
Cheese Quesadillas $6.50
Chicken or Steak Taco in flour Tortilla $6.50
 Cheese Nachos $6.50
Jay's Cheeseburger $6.50